A wild dance between
darkness and light

Debut project ‘Masquerade’ highlights the unique symbiosis of instrumental music and contemporary dance. Instrumental music is composed in 7/4 odd time signature (except intro section which is in 7/8) and features electric guitar with a fusion of blues/rock/jazz styles. The main message of the video is to unveil the true face of war. Male and female dancers represent peace time, wearing white clothes while performing beautiful and gentle choreography resembling love, dreaming, calmness. On the contrary, same dancers wear darker clothes and masks to represent war time. Choreography mimics the shooting of guns and aggressive fighting with both dancers resembling theater dolls controlled by an invisible Master.

Interesting fact:
The word "Masquerade" is derived from Middle French "Masque" (Middle French covers a period of around 1340–1610) which accounts for the -qu- spelling.

Masque (n.) - "masquerade, masked ball," 1510s, from Middle French "masque"; see "Mask (n.)", with which it was originally identical. It developed a special sense of "amateur theatrical performance" (1560s) in Elizabethan times, when such entertainments (originally performed in masks) were popular among the nobility.

Mask (n.) - of uncertain origin, perhaps from Arabic "maskharah" - "buffoon, mockery," from sakhira "be mocked, ridiculed." Or via Provençal "mascarar", Catalan "mascarar", Old French "mascurer" - "to black (the face)."